Let's live well
  and grow together.

We’re a decentralized wellness community, dedicated to all things health, wellness, and fitness.
WellnessDAO is the future of community-driven wellness — a modern health and wellness club, dedicated to elevating our global community’s collective psyche through digital and physical experiences. Our vision for the future of wellness is grand and we want you to be a part of it.
Feb 2022
Host our first event series for early members, traceable on-chain though non-transferable contribution NFTs and participation NFTs.
  • Guided sound meditations from our coaches, community-chosen seminars, in-person events and town hall discussions
  • Organize core team and onboard early contributors and world-class instructors across practices
Spring 2022
Season 1 — Early Supporters launch: passport NFTs that activate live retreat access, governance, private expert content, and physical wellness perks and events.
  • Continue hosting digital shared consciousness experiences (e.g. yoga, breathwork, sound meditations) open to the general community.
  • Launch the a slick line of merch with celebrity partners 👀
Mid 2022
Broader community engagement, including IRL wellness sessions in host cities (LA, NYC, SF) and at crypto conferences.
  • Partner with local studios, instructors and communities!
  • Pioneer metaverse wellness sessions with experimental partners.
Late 2022
Acquisition of community-chosen assets, e.g: parcels of metaverse land, a physical retreat space
  • August/September 2022: hosting a physical wellness retreat in Bali with @HighVibesNetwork
  • Season 2 — Retreat Supporters launch: NFT minting at ~0.10 ETH, single-use, location-specific or practice-specific.
Continue to grow the ecosystem and obtain partnerships in wellness and web3.
  • Jan 2023: Web3 x Wellness hackathon ⇒ Build a blockchain-based application focused on wellness! Give out prizes and seed fund winners with funding.
2024 and Beyond
Expand assets, create a global membership community and support wellness x web3 builders.

    1. What is an NFT?

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